~ the updates ~

Looking through my Bucketlist this past week I’ve really noticed the evolution of it! It’s gone from being slightly goofy to having some very clear, fun personal goals. Ten years ago when I started putting it together I don’t think I ever expected to be so serious about it but it’s be a lot of fun and it’s really pushed me to do things I may not have done otherwise.

Alright, so an updates post first and then a revisions post shortly after!!


(#1) learn Mandarin ~ I never thought that I’d be interested in learning Mandarin but lately it is appealing to me more and more.

(#2) learn all songs by all artists/bands in my possession and review/rate ~ ongoing! I have been lax with this lately but to be honest until a few weeks I wasn’t listening to very much music either so this will pick up again soon!

(#4) write 5 things down I am grateful for everyday for a year ~ I started this January 1st of this year so it puts me at the halfway mark now.

(#5) go skinny dipping ~ there was talk of this happening this summer so I need to make some inquiries to see if it’s still happening!

(#10) beat 50 on “Around the World” on one try ~ I need to set a more specific date for this goal because I think that I could do this if I practiced everyday by the end of summer. So maybe I’ll make that my goal date, the end of summer!!

(#13) be able to do 50 consecutive push-ups, no knees!! ~ my training is set up so I should accomplish this around the beginning of August, mid at the very latest! I’m hitting between 30-35 now!

(#15) write music to all my songs and share with at least one person ~ I haven’t done much music writing/composing since moving to our current address. I’m trying to make it more of a priority as of late.

(#21) go skydiving ~ This was the plan for the fall(ish) but because I am going to Chicago in November this probably won’t happen until the spring next year possibly

(#28) go bungee jumping ~ this is possible at the Peachland zipline now and if I could do before the season ends that would be awesome but if not then when the season re-opens next year.

(#29) be able to run for a solid 30 minutes ~ I just started running again around the end of June and I am up to about 3-5 minutes maximum right now.

(#54) have a day of complete silence, no talking/noises/singing, only gestures ~ I think I am going to attempt this either this coming week or maybe the one after

(#55) learn Korean ~ not my main focus but I am still working on it

(#70) learn Japanese ~ still going at this and I am starting to work on Kanji!!

(#79) see a live Rugby game ~ going to see the All Blacks in Chicago at the beginning of November!!!

(#80) write a letter to myself to read in 10 years ~ I am going to do this tonight or tomorrow night!

(#82) read all the classics ~ ongoing!

(#104) read all my books and review/rate ~ also ongoing!!

(#111) get my passport ~ application is completed and just need to send everything to Passport Canada

(#113) no more swearing ~ this has gotten a lot better lately. Though it does mean that random phrases that make no sense coming flying out of my mouth…. ie: Flying monkey butts!!

(#123) be able to do a hand-stand without any help from people or objects ~ I stopped doing this for a while but I’ve put into my training now so I don’t forget and have a clear goal.

(#124) finish my online TEFL courses ~ I am about halfway through them and just need to renew them to finish them up.

(#129) be able to do the splits in both directions ~ like hand-stands this is added into my training as well.


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