**anticipated shutter-clicking!

Just a real quick post with a bunch of info!

I’ve decided to start using Tumblr for posting pictures like I used to do on here (WordPress Blog) every month.  WordPress just doesn’t offer enough space (unpaid) for storing media, even if I started a new blog just for photos.  So Tumblr is the answer to that particular dilemma plus I won’t have to limit it to once a month or have to pick/choose which picture to post!  I’ve missed posting pictures more than I thought I would and I’m excited to have an outlet for this again 😀

Find me on Tumblr here:

It is, also, my intention to go through my Bucketlist this week and put up some updates and possible revisions (?).  I can only think of one thing on it that I might change and/or quirk.  I guess I’ll see what I think after I finishing going though it.

Cheers ~ !

And this song just because it is, you know, awesome (!) AND never leaves your head once it’s in there! Ever! hahaha


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