Days 170 & 171 ~ daily gratitude

Day 170

I’m Grateful For/That…

(1) remembering about my ChoiceRewards points this morning! I redeemed a whole bunch of points to get a $50 Chapters Giftcard!! Yay!

(2) getting out of the house even if the weather isn’t that great

(3) I didn’t forget my coffee in the microwave once today

(4) my dad has a tent I can have!

(5) I was able to get the outside pool that I wanted to get for my son and it was the last one! Perfect timing 😀

Day 171

I’m Grateful For/That…

(1) even when I’m up early I can still function at almost full, normal capacity

(2) reading one of my favourite poems this morning. It came to mind randomly after years of reading it last!

(3) I’ve got part of the felt board made up for my son

(4) getting some closets organized. Kind of like a late spring cleaning I suppose

(5) my dad was able to pick up all the scrap wood we had sitting in the yard


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