Day 72 & 73 ~ daily gratitude

Day 72

I’m Grateful For/That…

(1) my Yoda plushie basket!! (Thanks Kev! I love it :D)

Yoda Plush Basket

(2) getting an errand done in less than an hour

(3) I can almost do 5 dips!

(4) clothes that fit. This really shouldn’t be a luxury but for me it really, really is thanks to my hulk shoulders haha

(5) my new spinning desk tray. Saves space and organizes everything too *smirk smirk*

Day 73

I’m Grateful For/That…

(1) I don’t have a caffeine headache today

(2) my brother gave me 4GB of extra RAM

(3) allergy medication. Seasonal allergies is beginning, I’ve already got the watery eyes and runny nose *sheesh*

(4) being able to stop reading a book I was absolutely despising… I’ve only ever done this with a few other books in my life. I will 99% of the time finish a book I am not particularly enjoying simply because I don’t like leaving if unfinished. Not easy for to do but completely worth it today!

(5) a nice dinner with my brother and his wife


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