Days 57 & 58 ~ daily gratitude

I got sssssoooooooo distracted by my Knights of the Old Republic game yesterday….. I ended up playing like 8-9 hours in total *yikes* !!!

Day 57

I’m Grateful For/That…
(1) getting some stuff printed that I really needed

(2) second-hand clothes

(3) my computer should be fixed within the next couple days

(4) my new light that looks like a little robot. I’ve named him Fred!

(5) winning free coffees on “Roll Up the Rim” from Tim Hortons

Day 58

I’m Grateful For/That…

(1) electric pencil sharpeners

(2) 3m hooks. This things are genius! Seriously!

(3) Dance Dance Revolution 😀

(4) warm toes!!!

(5) colour change markers


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