Days 40 & 41 ~ daily gratitude

Day 40

I’m Grateful For/That…

(1) small pockets of quietness throughout the day

(2) getting into a good reading groove

(3) there really isn’t that much of winter left even if it doesn’t seem like it at the moment

(4) flavoured hot chocolate

(5) I have an e-reader! While I do prefer actual books, a reader makes on the go reading a lot easier.

Day 41

I’m Grateful For/That…

(1) great re-mixes of some of my favourite songs

(2) having all my book shelves finally organized!!

(3) I’m in such a fantastic mood today šŸ˜€

(4) there are new books out in series I am reading and I didn’t realize it until this afternoon. That is a great surprise!

(5) Bubblegum Soda *smacks lips/rubs tummy* so tasty!


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