Day 27 & 28 – daily gratitude

Day 27

I’m Grateful For/That…

(1) I’m not the only person who likes things organized alphabetically

(2) fruit slice candy *smacks lips*

(3) inside jokes

(4) I can be myself all the time. That I don’t pretend to be different.

(5) the living room got completely re-arranged by lunch time. We were a well-oiled machine!!

Day 28

I’m Grateful For/That…

(1) My favourite Disney movie “Sleeping Beauty” has been made into a live action movie!!!!!!!!!!

Maleficent” !!!!!!!!! I get full body goosebumps every time I watch this! I am so stinking excited 😀 May 2014!! **happy dancing all over the place**

(2) external hard drives

(3) I’ve taken SOOOOOOOO many pictures over the last five years

(4) used books

(5) I have a physical outlet for my aggression now —–> punching bag!


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