Days 17 & 18 ~ daily gratitude

I realized this morning that I totally forgot to post yesterdays daily gratitude **face palm**  I was doing so well!

It was ready to go but with running every day now, it’s really tuckering me out so I have been kinda out of it.

Anyway, this is yesterdays and todays post!

Day 17

I’m Grateful For/That…

(1) how quickly it is to make a couple of eggs

(2) I am competitive

(3) I’ve never had to attend a funeral. I am very lucky to this point in my life and I hope everyone I care for stays safe and healthy!

(4) I have friends that aren’t affectionately awkward

(5) a wonderful home, that suits all our needs!!

Day 18

I’m Grateful For/That…

(1) having my own gym

(2) how well I can retain music lyrics from soooo many different artists throughout my life. I’m like a jukebox, there’s a song for every instance.

(3) how much better I’ve gotten with being patient with others

(4) I am a giant nerd!!! 😀

(5) I got through my first week of daily running


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