Music Review ~ “Attack Attack!”

Artist: Attack Attack!
Albums: EP ~ “If Guns Are Outlawed, Can We Use Swords?” (2008); Studio ~ “Someday Came Suddenly” (2008), “Attack Attack!” (2010), “This Means War” (2012)
Genre: Post-Hardcore ~ Metalcore, Screamo, with Electronicore influences
Years Active: 2007-2013
Rating Out of Five: 4

For fans of: Issues, I See Stars, Breathe Carolina

Post-Hardcore stuff seems to be what I have been into for the last 6 months or so, and I don’t think that’ll be changing any time soon. I just keep coming across great music in this genre *rubs hands together in a goodie-goodie manner* I am a music hoarder, can never have too much of it ~ !

This band is a fairly new one for me and right from the beginning I have been hooked! Sooooooooooooo many of the songs get stuck in my head and they are there all day long, it’s fantastic! Or, I suppose, fantastic for me and maybe not so much for the people around me as I keep singing the same song(s) over and over hahaha And… it figures that I finally come across this band and this past year was the last year they were together 😦
At least I can still enjoy all their music!!

A wonderful mix between screamo parts and melodic bits, this is my favourite kind of stuff as I can get the best of both worlds in one shot. Some of the music also has some electronic like stuff going on that reminds me off Breathe Carolina but with or without that it sounds great to me.

I am a huge fan of the lyrics for most of their songs, it’s some great stuff. Attack Attack!, their second studio album, is my favourite but This Means War is a very close second. I felt that the lyrics were a little depressing.. ? or dreary in places on the third album (This Means War) so that did turn me off of it a bit but I do still enjoy the songs. The thing I loved about this third album was all the piano intros, interludes and outros, those were absolutely lovely ~~~

The only thing that I think could have been improved upon is the length of the songs. Majority of them are under four minutes, which is fairly common nowadays with any music, and some are even under three minutes.

It’s too bad they aren’t active anymore, I would really like to see what a new album, or even EP, would sound like. 😀

Last Breath ~ from their second album “Attack Attack!”

Smokahontas ~ also from the album “Attack Attack!”


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