bookworm She-HULK ~~~ *smirk*

Ok so the punching bag was put up a couple of days ago!! As far as my gym goes there is only one more thing that needs to be set up for it to be all finished! Super stoked šŸ˜€ I’m gonna be a She-Hulk *snicker* Plus, think I may start running again too. I am still waffling a little on that but I’ll be less busy now so I’ll prolly start this next week. [Yes, I know I am CRAZY~~~ it’s gonna be COLD!]


My room (library aka nerd room) is basically organized too! All the books are off the floor and sorted by genre, I just need to alphabetize by author now so I can find what I am looking for faster! That and I need to clean up my desk….. there is so much crap just sitting on it that I need to deal with…. paperwork and such *sigh* *bleh* Maybe sometime this week, I really shouldn’t procrastinate it any longer hahaha





I have started to reviews and should have those up this week. I finished my Christmas baking this afternoon so I really don’t think I’ll have any good excuses to not have them done. I think that working out and video games should be legitimate excuses ~~~ šŸ˜›


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