organizing fiend ~ & updates to come!

The big move for the last weekend of October went as well as could be expected. It wasn’t the worst moving experience I have ever had but moving isn’t exactly fun either hahaha

We had some wonderful people give as a hand throughout the three days and we were able to get it all done in time! A huge thank you to the family and friends that helped out, you guys are awesome 😀

Now a week later and I have unpacked and organized the entire house, it feels great!! The only thing that I would like to try to get done is cleaning up the all the gardens out the yard before it really start snowing or is too cold.

Alright that all said, I will do an update for my list within the week, probably on the weekend I’m thinking. With my little guy starting school at home, session all during the week, and potty training, it is a touch busy with attention needed all over the place. In a couple of days I should have an idea of where I am at for some things and if I am going to start anything new ~

And NOW for some YouTube fun as my desktop has no speakers and I am feeling out of the loop!!

New Our Last Night – “Same Old War”

Sleeping with Sirens – “Congratulations” (Feat. Matty Mullins)


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