*Perfect For Me!

This past week I got a couple great gifts and I needed to share!!

Punching Bag & Gloves
I got a Christmas present early!! We are planning on moving at the end of October so it can’t be hung up yet but that hasn’t dimmed my excitement over the fact that I have a PUNCHING BAG !!!! I have wanted one since I was a teenager so I am extremely stoked that one is now in my possession **smirk**
My son likes it too but I’ll have to work on getting him to punch with his thumb outside and not inside his fist but at least he has some interest which makes me happy! (Biggest thank you to my awesome other half *hugs*)

Star Wars Glass Set!
Star Wars Glass Set!
A super, wonderful gift from some of my co-workers as I am leaving the job I have had for nearly seven years! They know what I like and they are an absolutely awesome bunch of people, I’ve made some really great, supportive friends!!! I am going to miss everyone so MUCH! I will certainly be visiting them all as often as I can!! 😀


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