Book Review ~ “Dear Girls Above Me”

Title: Dear Girls Above Me
Author: Charlie McDowell
Genre: Humour
Rating Out of Five: 5

I only ever lived in an apartment once for a year and it was not an experience I enjoyed very much at all. It is the kind of living that can be super awkward, frustrating, enraging, hilarious or even intriguing. It is very easy to eavesdrop without even making an effort as the walls and floors aren’t even remotely sound proofed. So you can overhear a ridiculous conversation that would make you laugh your face off or have someones sub-woofer shaking your bookcases. Unfortunately, my apartment living was nothing like the experience in this book as there was very little humour involved with mine. The perspective is something that I understand though and that said, this book was quite funny!

The author, Charlie McDowell, shares tweets and stories overheard from his female neighbours living in the apartment above his. They aren’t very bright, like to drink all the time, sleep around, stay on top of all celebrity news and are (for the most part) completely ignorant of present day news, issues, musical lyrics and grammar!!

Plus, this author is a great storyteller!! He describes things in a way that is sarcastic and in (what some might think) odd descriptions, and yet, it’s just perfection. It kind of takes the imagination and sends it running into a random, chaotic, spaz dance before feeding it laughing gas! I just loved it, this is my kind of humour 😀

While his neighbours weren’t the brightest, every now and then he would get a nugget of useful information in regards to the opposite sex. But there are A LOT of girls who aren’t even remotely close to this bunch, so that “usefulness” would only extend so far.

The only thing I didn’t like about this book is that it was long enough! I was enjoying it so much I didn’t want it to end haha   Maybe there will be a second book in the future but even if there isn’t this was a great book.  I am so glad that I ended up grabbing and I absolutely recommend it!!!


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