Book Review ~ “GSP: The Way of the Fight”

Title: GSP: The Way of the Fight
Author: George St. Pierre
Genre: Sports ~ Slightly Autobiographical
Rating Out of Five: 5

Wow ~ where to start with this book! I really, really enjoyed it!

George St. Pierre talks about innovation, balance, routine, knowledge, openness, fear, & more and how it all works to make you a better person if you let it. How you can always become more if you are open to learning as someone else will always be better at some things than you. It, also, looks at his approach to training and his routine and what kind of fighter/martial artist he is striving to become. You do get some comments from five key people in his life through each of the five sections in the book as well.

In some other reviews I found beforehand, they thought that the repetitiveness was annoying. While there are some things that he does repeat several times, it seems to be that he re-iterates the main point to move onto a new point. I know several people who do the same thing as well. I didn’t find it bothersome as I am already used to it but I can see how it would be irritating for others. Plus, repetition helps concrete information, so in all seriousness, for a non-fiction book it’s not really a bad thing.

I feel that this book isn’t only meant for people who might be interested in the UFC, MMA, GSP or any type of fighting style. I think that anyone could take something away from this book. Even if it’s only better work ethic in their lives or a real, clear definition of what hard work and dedication really means.

There were many things that got me thinking, and wanting to apply to my life, throughout this book. But the one thing that really stuck out for me was when he was talking about feet and balance. I’ve always preferred working out barefoot, and unless I have no choice but to wear shoes, I don’t. I feel like I get a better sense of how stable my body is when it moves, that I have more control of my balance than when I am wearing shoes. It was kind of cool to see something that I felt was correct, and I’ve done forever, have some hard fact behind it.

He has given so much thought into his way of life, there is absolutely no doubt that he knows exactly who he is. There are a lot of people who don’t know themselves at all or can’t seem to figure themselves out without someone else attached to them.
It was neat to catch a glimpse into what his “normal” day and routine looks like, before and after a fight. To see all the thoughts and actions that happen with him and the people he has around him.
And, MAN!, is he ever dedicated! I have a lot of respect for this man, he is certainly inspiring and I’m looking forward to applying some of the stuff I found interesting from this book!!


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