Book Review ~ “Red Dragon”

Title: Red Dragon
Author: Thomas Harris
Genre: Fiction
Rating Out of Five: 3.75

** Quick note for anyone watching the show Hannibal and hasn’t read the books yet, the show is (more or less) the story before the books. So I wouldn’t start these books until the show is all finished, because there is a fair bit of deviation and it might tick you off.

This story is about a serial killer called, Red Dragon, who is killing entire families in their homes at the new/full moon in the past 2 months. After the second family is killed Jack Crawford (FBI, BAU Head) convinces Will Graham to help catch this killer before he can claim a third family. With the clock ticking Will needs to needs to find out what connects the two families together, as to figure out how the killer is picking and targeting them before a third family meets the same fate.

I never thought that I would actually enjoy this book. I figured it would just completely freak me out and I’d have nightmares for weeks but it wasn’t creepy or scary at all. It wasn’t even remotely as graphic as I thought it would be either. In both creepiness and graphicness, I was definitely a touch disappointed.

I, also, had expected there to be more interaction with Hannibal Lecter throughout the book but there isn’t all much that takes place. Considering the series is called the Hannibal Lecter series it makes sense to me for that character to be rather focal but he is locked up in an institution for the mentally insane and, therefore, mostly unavailable through the book.

The book is from all the characters points of view, either starting and finishing with a chapter but occasionally the point of view changes within a chapter from paragraph to paragraph. I enjoy having all the different perspectives but at some points it felt like a bit of a mess or that my brain was hurrying to catch up with the story. I think that watching the show at the same time may have helped with my confusion in this regard, because in the TV show they’ve changed the genders of some of the characters (like I said some deviation *sheesh*) so I kept forgetting who was a man and who was a woman.

My favourite thing about this book is the interactions with Hannibal Lecter at the institution and the parts with the story from the Red Dragon’s point of view. The rest of it seemed a bit dry or boring even, kind of told in a cold manner. It just didn’t suck me in and make want to read the book all in one sitting, like I do for the majority of books I read. I think I may need to just get used to the writing style before I could enjoy it a little more than I did.

Overall, I suppose it was a decent book and maybe in a year or so I’ll pick it up again for another read through.


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