Book Review ~ “The City’s Son”

Title: The City’s Son
Author: Tom Pollock
Genre: Teen ~ Fantasy, Steampunk
Rating Out of Five: 4.5

This book takes place in London and there is the everyday, mundane world everyone sees and the fantastical one that no one notices except for those who are a part of it. The story begins with a young, female graffiti artist named Beth exacting revenge on a school teacher, who is a raging putz, in the form of a piece of artwork on school property (I believe). She and her friend, Pen, end up running from the cops after they are discovered and get separated. Beth ends up interacting with the fantasy side of the city and is saved by the city’s son, Filius, from a Railwraith. When Beth is ratted out by Pen the next day at school on top of being done with dealing with home life, she takes on the task of finding the boy who saved her and helping him stay alive. In deciding this, it puts Beth on a path that eventually requires her to give up everything from her normal, mundane life and become a piece of the city.

I know I’ve said this before, but I am not the biggest fantasy fan, it’s a genre that’s hard for me to read and I am very picky about what I do decide to read. So that said…

When I started this book I had a real tough time getting into it as the story seemed to progress a little slow. It’s, also, from several characters points of view so I had to get everyone sorted out before I was able to engage with each of them. But once things got moving the pieces came together then I couldn’t put it down!

I really, really loved how descriptive the writing is throughout the story. My imagination had so much stuff to build every scene, character or creature, it is pretty fantastic! There are a lot of rad creatures throughout the story, railwraiths, wire spiders, streetlamp people, pavement priests and the chemical synod to name some of them.  That should you get interested in this book on that alone!

My favourite character is definitely Gutterglass.  He is a creature who’s body is made up of garbage/waste, essentially, and he is the “nursemaid” or aid/council for the city’s son, Filius.  He has rather lovely sense of humour and can send messages through the city via rats!

I suppose all in all, my favourite thing about this book is how it all unfolds towards/at the end of it.  It was something I didn’t quite expect, but I had entertained happening and then dismissed it.  So you end up kind of stuck in a shocked and excited frame of mind once you get the book finished hahaha

I am very excited to read the second book in this series which is coming out in August and it looks like it will be focused more on Pen!!


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