outside relaxing is almost a go ~

Not a thing left to do in the front yard except for regular maintenance like weeding & watering for the most part. It’s so nice to not have to really do anything else up there. My Radish, Mizuno Mustard, Bulls Blood Beets and Broccoli are growing like crazy this past week, they are loving the rain! Even our lawn is so moist that it’s sprouting mushrooms!




AND … last week the deck in the back yard was completed!! Still haven’t really had a chance to enjoy it because of all the rain and we have a wasp nest sitting under the far corner (ish) by the screen. I only need to wash out the wagon and plant some more grass seed and then everything is all done up back there!


Of course, this garden is doing fantastic 🙂 I thought my cucumbers might die off but they seem to be hanging on just fine. The potatoes and turnips have just exploded (again all this rain!) haha and the tomatoes are doing well too, but we definitely need sun soon for them.



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