A small nip, a quick update ~

I decided that I wanted to change how it all looked on here, obviously… So upon remembering that I can’t customize my CSS without paying for the upgrade I then was on the search for the prefect theme that I could do minimal tweaks to and still have the setup I wanted. I think when I have to purchase a size upgrade, and I will definitely have to do that, I will also get the CSS customization. But until then, this is the new look for the time being 😀

I am going to try and get all my book and music reviews that I haven’t posted yet up by the end of the month, that is my goal, and I haven’t been as into reading lately so that should definitely be possible for me. Plus, I need to buckle down and focus on my collage, it is so damn close to being done and the upstairs is so much smaller than the downstairs too haha Books are such a terrible distraction for me, everything else kind of gets forgotten when I get really into a book or books!

And, finally, I think that I am going to start doing one photo post in the middle of the month and one at the end. I want to see if that will give me a little more incentive to take more pictures and it will alleviate the number of the posts that I need to deal with right at the end of each month too. I am hoping this will help with me not getting back logged in my posts, which is the case right now most of the time.

The beginning of next month I will be doing a post with some list updates as well, so look for that!

Now for some Youtube fun ~ !

Locked Out of Heaven By Bruno Mars ~ Choreography by Kyle Hanagami

Dirty Diana by Michael Jackson ~ Kyle Hanagami & Sh*t Kingz Dance Crew

King For a Day By Pierce the Veil (Ft. Kellin Quinn)


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