Book Review ~ “God is Dead”

Title: God is Dead
Author: Ron Currie, jr
Genre: Fiction
Rating Out of Five: 5

God takes on human form as a Dinka woman and when she is killed, so is God. This begins the story or stories of how life, and a world, might be without a supreme being in charge.

I kind of floundered at first when I started reading this book. It didn’t feel like everything is connected until I got to the third story and then it all fell into place. This book is basically a collection of little stories that make up one big story. Each one is a step further into the timeline and is shows different characters and settings.

I don’t think that I’ve ever really put much thought into what a crisis of one’s faith looks like and this book clearly shows that on mass level. I don’t have any issue with religion as religious beliefs are a personal decision and will be different for any given person. And even though I grew up in an extremely Christian household, it wasn’t something I enjoyed and I don’t consider it as part of my core beliefs anymore either. I haven’t been or considered myself religious for a very long time now. Nevertheless, if such a thing as God dying actually happened I know I wouldn’t fins myself in a spiraling vortex of uncertainty.

The underlying feeling I got throughout the book was one of apathy and indifference. Especially in the stories that focused on some of the younger (young adult) characters. The older characters are almost in a constant state of desperation, like without a higher power there is no point in continuing on with life. I’ll also add that sarcastic/cynical humour abounded through a large amount of the book too. That is a favourite part of this book for me 🙂

I think that the most interesting thing about this book, for me, was the need for a Creator/Higher Being/God by the masses even after he is discovered dead. After the initial shock wore off people were scrabbling to find something new to shower with their worship, whether it was their children, themselves, or an object. When one avenue of focused adulation proved to fail then another one is discovered and pursued. While I had mentioned a little earlier about there being a large amount of indifference from several characters the same intolerance of beliefs is something that doesn’t change as the story progresses. In fact, the persecution of people with certain new religious beliefs are common and eventually after scrabbling for new faiths is settled down, to a degree, a war breaks out between two factions. So, really, this sounds much like our world already is sadly….

Overall, this was a great book. Very interesting, a little strange in spots… and, also, rather thought provoking.


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