green thumb-ness… & goodies ~ ~

I just planted these last week and already they are shooting up 😀 so excited!!

From Left to Right: Turnips, Cucumbers, Carrots and Beets

And this past weekend was my birthday, so got me a few goodies *smirk* that are (OF COURSE!) Star Wars related!

These adorned my birthday cake, seriously… BEST. CAKE. EVER!!!

My gift from a really good friend of mine. Thank you, thank you!

From my brother and his wife, Chewbacca’s side bag. As soon as I saw the Think Geek box I knew it would be something Star Wars

I, also, gots me some beer (yum yum yum ~), a new Kershaw knife, a new iTouch (a bigger size) and a music player for use with my iTouch (and CDs) so I can get my groove on all over the house now!

Thanks again to everyone for all my lovely gifties!!!!


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