“sit back and relax” is ssssooo close!

So the front yard is basically finished!! I just have a couple more herbs that I want to pot for up front and then I think I’ll be satisfied with how it looks. I am still keeping my eye for more frog ornaments, because really you can’t have too many frogs, it’s not possible.

Front Yard (1)

Front Yard (2)

In the garden box in the backyard, I’ve got carrots, beets, cucumbers and turnips planted. I just need to do my potatoes and then that is all done. I planted my tomatoes in a separate pot as they tend to like more sun than everything else and they get their own froggie too!

I’m thinking that I really want to paint my garden box but not too sure what I want to do yet. Anyone got any ideas/suggestions?

Backyard - Garden (1)

Backyard - Garden (2)

Aside from a bit of weeding in the back this is nearly finished as well. But I can’t do much in the sun for the next week though as I have tattoo sitting planned for my back piece on the 16th so I can’t have a sunburn! I am so excited for that 😀

Oh and we got the lumber for extending our back patio so by the time summer is here in full force we are going to be ready!!


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