Book Review ~ “men, women and children”

Title: Men, Women and Children
Author: Chad Kultgen
Genre: Fiction
Rating Out of Five: 5

** The first thing that I will say is that if you haven’t read any of this authors books then be warned they are very sexually graphic and there is quite a bit of swearing. **

This story takes a rather cynical look at people’s everyday life. Parents, teens, marriage, divorce, school life, sexual frustration and peer pressure are some of what are touched on in this book. It’s an almost tactless look at how people are, and think, when they are alone but also when they interact with others. While all people aren’t like the characters portrayed in this novel, there is plenty that are and that is the point. It’s realistic and matter of fact, it doesn’t sugar-coat anything in the slightest.

When I first tried to explain this book to a friend of mine I likened it to a car crash. That I should look away but I just can’t.
The real-ness of the characters is my absolute favourite part of this book. The “ugliness” and uncertainty of people, the justification of decisions that aren’t always good ones and the desire to one-up your peers, at any age, even if it won’t make you happy in the end.

Just a bloody wonderful book! I have loved this author since I read his first novel “The Average American Male“. While the books don’t have to be read in order of publication, it isn’t a series, but it might be a good idea to read that one before reading this one.

The last thing I will mention is that if you are all about happy, all the loose ends tied up endings, you might be disappointed with this book. Personally I thought the ending for this book was fitting but to each their own right 🙂
And now I can go on to his next book, “The Average American Marriage” !!!


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