Book Review ~ “Strange Angels Series” ~ Part Two

And now books four and five of this series!

Book 4 ~ Defiance

Dru is done playing by anybody else’s rules but her own. Sergei still has Graves and it doesn’t seem that The Order is even remotely doing anything they can to find him. When she isn’t training or going about her school routine, she is hanging out with the wulfen kids or with Ash, the Broken. They are the only real friends that she has, they don’t lie to her like The Order or Christophe.
When Dru is told by Christophe, who is know her personally combat trainer, that it’ll be six months to a year before she is ready for real combat she realizes that she’ll have to take the search for Graves into her own hands. This leads to her commissioning one of her guard to find Graves location (in secret of course) and soon after this Dru heals Ash and breaks his bond with Sergei, making it possible for him to shift once again. In a short amount of time, she receives the information on where Graves is being held and discovers that The Order has had this information for a while and done nothing with it. With the new lies in her face she promptly attempts a solo rescue mission and is captured.
The cavalry quickly comes to her rescue and the diversion gives Dru (who has now bloomed among all of this) and Graves the chance to incapacitate Sergei and go on the run with Ash.

Book 5 ~ The Reckoning

Continues from the previous book….

Dru, Graves and Ash are on the run from both The Order and from Sergei and his minions. Dru decides to head to her Grandmothers place up in the Appalachian Mountains to hide and regroup for as long as possible. But just as they get settled she is betrayed by the person she trusts most. Back to running for her life, she learns that the Maharaj have joined forces with Sergei and she has one more sect of baddies after her. As everything goes to hell again, she is back on her own until she is captured by sheer overwhelming numbers.
In Sergei’s clutches (yes, again…) he has devised a way to drain her dry without it being toxic to him and in return it will gain him the ability to walk in daylight. With Graves able to fight ‘the Broken’ compulsion just long enough for Dru to take the blood she needs to escape from him she breaks the hold Sergei has on him. From there Dru and Christophe take on Sergei and his minions until a particular someone loses his head.

— — —

Alright on to some of the characters:

Dru Anderson is a wonderful main female character. I am not a big fan of series with the main character as a chick because they tend to disappoint me but it was not the case for this series. She’s got some serious attitude, lovely sarcasm and she can handle more than one type of firearm. She’s very strong when she needs to be and doesn’t rely on others to fix or deal with the problems and/or situations that come at her. I suppose she is rather tomboy-ish, the kind of girl that I could definitely be friends with.

Now Graves (Goth Boy) is definitely my favourite character out of this series 😀
He keeps up with Dru and he’s even more sarcastic than she is most of the time and he doesn’t a rat’s bottom what anyone else thinks of him. His life hasn’t been easy either, so on some levels he and Dru can relate better than any of the other characters. He becomes her rock, the one constant thing that is left in her life.

Right from the beginning I didn’t like Christophe Reynard… He’s certainly needed in the story but you never really know what’s going on with him, he keeps so many secrets and he is very controlling, which something that I really dislike. He comes across extremely arrogant and most of the time I wished I could punch him in the face. I suppose he had good intentions all along but in the end that didn’t matter to me as his personality utterly sucked.

I’m not going to go into all the Wulfen characters but I love all of them immensely!!

— — —

One of the things that I loved most about this series was how there wasn’t a ridiculous amount of side plots through the story. There is one clear, main plot that is consistent from start to finish through all five books. I don’t like it when things don’t get resolved, no matter how small! It doesn’t even have to be a resolution to my liking but it’s got to happen for me. So, with this series I was very pleased with the non-existent tangents.

I wasn’t really on board with the attempt at a love triangle, it was all kind of, sort of… ok maybe not…. happening…. awkwardness….
It seemed pretty pointless and unbelievable but, thankfully, not too drama-filled. I don’t like angsty drama stuff in my stories.

The ending wasn’t completely satisfying for me. It’s not a bad ending and it actually makes sense and it fits, but it just didn’t wrap up the way I wanted it to. I was kind of hoping for an epilogue but that didn’t happen and now, after some time being done the last book, I think I am ok with it.
Although I wouldn’t be totally against a novella at some point for some time after the fifth book…. lol

Alright, well, typically I have a favourite book within a series but not so much in this case. I didn’t enjoy the last two books as much as the first three but that has more to do with less Graves in them, being captured and all.

Overall, a great series, I absolutely loved it and it’s definitely worth a read!!


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