Book Review ~ “Strange Angels Series” ~ Part One

Title: 1) Strange Angels, 2) Betrayals, 3) Jealousy, 4) Defiance, & 5) The Reckoning
Author: Lili St. Crow (Lilith Saintcrow)
Genre: Teen
Rating Out of Five: 4.5

This review was a challenge for me to get done. I definitely won’t do a whole series like this again in one shot. There is just too much storyline and characters to keep straight to explain it in proper order.

So, to start with, this will probably be two posts and this post will consist of the first three books and the second post will be the last two books.

Book 1 ~ Strange Angels

Dru Anderson is the new, recently orphaned, girl in town. She’s dealt with a lot of bad and strange stuff in her life, but she’s tough. She knows how to use a gun, can kick serious a$$ when she needs to and how to survive despite the odds. She’s never been normal and since she can remember she’s travelled with her dad all over the country hunting monster from “Real World”, as she calls it.

Everything changes in this one town, starting with a zombie busting into her home and from there she needs to plan and decide what to do next and who she can and can’t trust.

Enter Graves “Goth Boy”, who befriends and helps her out when she needs it most but results in Graves becoming exposed to “Real World” in the least fun way. It becomes a fight to stay alive and to figure out what to do next as every monster in the area is out for Dru’s blood, literally.
In the process of this Christophe Renard, a djamphir, inserts himself into the situation and he tries to convince Dru (sans injured Graves), to join The Order. They are the official hunters off all things that go bump in the night.  And to make the situation even more complex and stressful, Christophe knows who and what she is and it isn’t human. She is Svetocha.

Ok, so the first book is kind of devoted to the meeting of the main characters, the ones that are in all five books: Dru, Graves, Christophe, Sergei & Ash. In the first book Dru is basically just scrambling to get out of dangerous situations one after the other. She, also, finds out that she is more than human. A half human and half vampire, like Christophe, but the female version, a Svetocha. They are faster, stronger and toxic to all other Nosferatu and any that have existed have been killed and/or drunk dry before they “bloom”.

The whole plot for this series is about killing Sergei, the king if the vampires. He, also, just happens to be the one that killed Dru’s mom, who was a Svetocha, and he’s the one responsible for the death of her father too. Oh, and he shares blood with one of our main characters as well.

Book 2 ~ Betrayals

The story picks up right where it left off in the first one.

After a very close, and almost deadly, encounter with Sergei, king of the vampires, Dru and Graves are on their way to a Schola. A school owned and operated by The Order for djamphir and wulfen teens. With Graves recently bitten by a werwulf (Ash, the Broken) this gives him an opportunity to learn more about all the new changes in him and where he fits in the normal and ‘Real’ world. But Dru is still extremely cautious of The Order, even at the Schola she has more questions than answers. So at this back-end Schola for the delinquent teens, Dru is the only girl and is kept apart from all the others except for her guard, Graves and the other wulfen. She is, also, completely restricted from training despite the continual attempts on her life within the Schola, where she should be safest. This leads to the conclusion that there is a traitor within The Order and nobody, even Christophe, is ready to be straight with her.
The battle to survive has never had more uncertainties, especially when the ones you thought were your enemies aren’t and the ones who you thought you could trust are the ones that stab you in the back.

Book 3 ~ Jealousy

Just as Dru starts to feel a bit safe, things go to hell again. After finally arriving at the Prima Schola, the main headquarters and training center for The Order, Dru butts head with the only other Svetocha in existence, Anna.
Now Dru has to deal with the newly acquired Ash, the broken werwulf, who seems to be fighting Sergei’s call & protecting her instead, schoolwork, training, more unanswered questions and Anna’s attempts on her life. It’s hard to trust The Order when the person in charge of it wants you gone because you have something they want. So, still not safe in The Order, Dru and Graves both start to think that they would be better off on their own. Before any plans are made Sergei makes yet another attempt at Dru, with Anna’s help, but doesn’t succeed. It results in Anna going into hiding and Graves whereabouts becoming completely unknown until Sergei informs Dru that he’ll “break another” as she has Ash, his previous broken werwulf.

And that’s it for today 🙂 In tomorrow’s post I’ll get into what I like and don’t like about the characters and the story overall and, of course, the last two books!


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