Word-A-Day ~ 62 to 92

I had forgotten about this post completely until last night but I was all kinds of sickness that there was no way that I was getting on my computer. Still not feeling 100% but enough to do a touch of typing so here it is now!

Words for October:

(62) Shill
(63) Rubicund
(64) Convivial
(65) Hoyden
(66) Interalia
(67) Partite
(68) Avocet
(69) Recreant
(70) Querulous
(71) Fixity
(72) Denature
(73) Venial

(74) Usufruct
(75) Niggard
(76) Yegg
(77) Tutti
(78) Excoriate
(79) Abrogate
(80) Enervate
(81) Inchoate
(82) Moiety
(83) Vertiginous
(84) Chicanery
(85) Ersatz
(86) Aplomb
(87) Otiose
(88) Feckless
(89) Laconic
(90) Deliquesce
(91) Recondite
(92) Sessile

My favourite word this month is Querulous. Not only is it fun to say but I actually have opportunity to use it and have some people have no idea what it means. 😀


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