October Snapshots ~ Part 2

Part Two!

Like many people I know, fall is my favourite season. It isn’t really hot and you get to see so many beautiful colours before the trees are naked and the snow falls! Plus, I really enjoy the sound of leaves crunching under my feet as I walk. I’m one of those people who purposely looks for the ones that will crunch the loudest when meandering down the sidewalk *smirk*

A fun Donnie Darko and Wonderland display for a shop downtown here for the month of October. I couldn’t resist taking a picture of it.

This second part has all of my favourites of this month. The field, water drops on the leaf, shed door and the feather in the water just turned out perfectly, even with my ever-growing frustration with the focus on my camera *sigh* But nevertheless I am very happy indeed with how they turned out!


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