October Snapshots ~ Part 1

It feels very strange to sit at my computer today. I’ve barely been on it the last couple weeks and I have had a stretch of several days where I didn’t even turn it on. Back on working five days a week so until my body gets used to it again I’ll be a touch sluggish and likely avoiding my computer. Unfortunately after this I need to go through my emails *cringe* Not looking forward to that. You’d think that would be incentive enough to get on the ‘puter a touch more often.

Two parts for pics this month. Good thing about the weather getting worse means that I’ll have no choice but to walk instead of bike in some cases so I’ll be able to take more pictures 🙂

This month there is a lot of shots that include sunshine. With there being several days in a row now of no sunshine I think this is my own subconscious effort to get as much of it as I can before winter really gets here and I barely see it until spring.

I’ll try and get the next one up tonight but it’ll likely be tomorrow morning!


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