Book Review ~ “American Sniper”

Title: American Sniper
Author: Chris Kyle
Genre: Military/History
Rating Out of Five: 5

The first hand account of military action in Iraq from former U.S. Navy Seal Chris Kyle over the course of his tours there.

This is not a typical genre for me to read, I enjoy it occasionally but it isn’t my first pick if given a choice between other genres. Partially because it involves a lot of death and that makes me sad (death in fictional writing is very different from the accounting of real death) and it’s a much slower read because there’s more information to absorb.

That said I actually zipped through this book pretty darn fast. I think it ended up only taking me about three days to finish it up. It is put together in a way that made you just want to read one more paragraph and then, of course, one more paragraph after that.

The whole reason I even picked this book up was because I was looking for some books for one of my younger brothers for Christmas (Yes, it is only October still, I know :)). He’s in the process of enlisting now and he enjoys reading and it seemed fitting. Either way I ended up reading it myself and it was fantastic!

I really liked his (Chris Kyle) honesty throughout the book and his sense of humour leaked its way into the storytelling as well so every now and then expect some chuckling. I also like that he is not afraid to say he enjoyed his time being a SEAL, he was trained to kill people. He just very plainly states that it was either them or me/fellow soldiers that were going to die and he did he needed to do. He is very proud and has no regrets and that is really admirable.

One thing I found really interesting that I didn’t know before reading this book was that when an insurgent is killed they needed to have a witness for every kill and they (the insurgent) needed to fit into the ROE’s (Rules of Engagement). If either of these wasn’t present you got sidelined essentially and an investigation is conducted. So just going around shooting people because you ‘thought’ they looked suspicious isn’t something that happens, not that I thought they were, but I found that a neat little tidbit.

Another thing that was nice to have in the book was some written pieces from his wife and what she had to say about certain situations. It is great to get more than one perspective, especially in a non-fiction book in my opinion.

I enjoyed this book so much!!!!
My favourite part from this book involves four large, colourful beach balls. It will definitely make you laugh!

Next step will be to find some books on Canadian involvement in Iraq, there isn’t as much published and I am now rather curious!


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