Word-A-Day ~ 1 to 31

I had thought when I started this that I would be able to post up each new word a each day but I couldn’t get myself organized enough to do that. I ended up keeping a notebook for my words so I am just putting up the list of words for the month of August. It’s actually working out really well cause it makes it easier for me to remember what the word means as well as the japanese and/or korean word for it too when I am able to write it down. Ideally I would like to put a post up every couple of days but right now I don’t think I will have the time so this will have to do.

(1)  Voracious
(2)  Educe
(3)  Specious
(4)  Parallax
(5)  Trice
(6)  Ulster
(7)  Brackish
(8)  Demarcate
(9)  Oleaginous
(10)  Teasel
(11)  Lickspittle
(12)  Fulsome
(13)  Debouch
(14)  Achromatic
(15)  Vesicant

(16)  Sebaceous
(17)  Quasar
(18)  Insalubrious
(19)  Demimonde
(20)  Bilious
(21)  Ictus
(22)  Littoral
(23)  Sagacious
(24)  Mirepoix
(25)  Flossy
(26)  Surcingle
(27)  Yaw
(28)  Noisome
(29)  Avaunt
(30)  Grok
(31)  Torpor

I think my favourite word is Insalubrious or Flossy for this month.  They are just so much fun to say!


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