Book Review ~ “Deja Dead”

Title: Deja Dead
Author: Kathy Reichs
Genre: Mystery
Rating Out of Five: 4

I am not a big fan of mystery stories or, at least, I wasn’t. The mystery genre occupies the least amount of book shelf space at my place.
I think that I am definitely hooked on this author now!

I am about to tangent a bit…

I know that the TV show (Bones) is based on the character Dr. Temperance Brennan and I do recall a conversation I had with a friend about the books and the show not really being all that similar, but are they ever different! Aside from the main characters name and profession being the same not a lick of anything else is the same. Not even the character’s personality is even close to the same. And there is nothing wrong with that at all just thought I would make a mention of that for those who were maybe wondering about that 🙂
Bones is one of my favourite TV shows and I am equally hooked on the books now too!

This book’s story has a serial killer that Dr. Brennan stumbles across while dealing with a new case that makes her think of others she has worked on that have a similar “feel” to them. She ends up having to do a lot of searching and investigating on her own to prove she is right as the police don’t believe it is a serial killer as the deaths aren’t all the same.

I really liked how Temperance Brennan was so normal. She’s a recovered alcoholic, has a single child with her estranged husband, has quirky best friend, goes to the gym and loves her cat. She’s like everyone else, has a routine day/lifestyle but has a profession that very few people hold. All those little things made me enjoy and relate to the character a lot easier and better. Plus she has a wonderful amount of sarcasm which I find fun!

I also liked Detective Andrew Ryan. His witty, dry sarcastic comments made me grin. Every story needs a character like this.

I thought it was cool how the main character, Temperance Brennan, mirrors the author’s life to a degree. I would like to meet her to see what she is like, see who she more closely resembles. Her book character, the TV show character or something right in-between as well as ask her questions about her profession as it sounds so interesting.

Overall, it was a great book and was certainly creepy enough to make me jump and screech at shadows in the dark at bedtime and keep my bedroom door closed for a few nights in a row haha

I’ll definitely be continuing on with this series!


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