Zipline [Pt.2]

The last bunch of pictures, consisting of lines five, six and seven!

“The Old Tree” named for exactly what it is. The forest around this tree is a third generation forest so its been logged and re-seeded twice.

This tree was never logged because of the spiral formation in the wood which makes it impossible for use as lumber.

It was also hit by lightning one year (can’t remember what year) which caused this huge burn mark at the base, a large orange scar down the outside of the tree and, obviously, killed it.

At the very top of “The Old Tree” sits a hawk nest.

The end of line five. This one we did the “floppy noodle” so you lay back and go as limp as you can go. This line helps get you ready for the next line where you go upside down.

Looking back up line five. I liked this line though it did kind of hurt my back a bit but worth it.

View between lines five and six.

Hydration-break! At this point I believe it’s close to about 11:30 in the morning and it is already so hot out!

Suspension bridge to the tower for line six. I really, really, really don’t like the suspension bridges. They make me feel like I will fall to my death. Once I get on the tower, and even the line, I am totally fine.

View of line six before they explain where the cameras are and what we are going to do to get upside down, stay there for half the line, and let go with your hands too.

View from line six tower

At the end of line six. Upside down is SUPER FUN! Hanging upside down all relaxed with the wind hitting you really fast it’s just awesome 😀

This is my friend coming down the line. We weren’t sure if she was going to do it and she did. She got upside down and one arm off so I had to take some proof *smirk* The next picture is of her coming into the brake at the end.

The end of line seven and the last line. This line is racing one and they have clocked people up to 85km/hour once they hit halfway. I won my race with my friend 🙂

Line seven

My other two friends getting unhooked after their race. I can’t remember who won this one.

This whole experience was so much bloody fun! I got do something that I really wanted to do and I got to do it with several really good friends of mine.
I would definitely recommend this place to others and if I get another chance to go there again I won’t hesitate in the slightest!!


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