#126 Ride on a zipline ~ DONE [Pt. 1]

MY PROOF! It was so much fun 😀

This post is pictures from lines one through four. I didn’t take very pictures at the beginning because I was a giant ball of excitement, nervousness and adrenaline. As the lines go on I did end up getting quite a number of pictures.
Our guides for our tour time were fantastic! Both were quite humourous which was certainly helpful for those of us who were feeling anxious. They were also very knowledgable about the area, we got all kinds of little tidbits throughout our time there.

This is the other side of the first line. To get on the tower at the other end you had to walk across a suspension bridge, which was bloody awful!! By the time I got on the tower I’d be a liar if I said I wasn’t thinking “why the h@$% did I want to do this?! I’m going to die” hahaha

The first step off without hesitation (and without screaming or squeaking I might add) cause that only makes it a thousands times worse, is the key.

At the end of the second line. This one is a little faster than the first one. At this line we were asked to scream as we went off to see who was the loudest and longest. The person who was got to decide who went first off the third line. One of my friends that went with me won the contest and she picked me to go first on the next line.

View of “Wood Lake” between lines two and three.

Another of “Wood Lake”

Walkway to the edge of the third line. On this line, which I was picked to go first, we were to go backward and no hands (think like the letter “t”). If you went off holding or grabbed hold of your yellow line it was considered “cheating”.

And the three steps to nothing!
There is much trust needed in your harness. I did it but my fists were clenched something fierce. In these kinds of situations I am quite competitive and it makes the experience more memorable. If you do it once you can do it again.

This shot and the next two are shots of the other side of line 3. The good thing about being first is that I got to watch everyone else go and I was able to get some pictures too.

Our super sexy harness outfits. They actually weren’t that uncomfortable except for one of the shoulder straps doing a “diggy” thing into my shoulder/neck but I’ll take that over falling to my death.

Short trail between lines three and four.

The other side of line 4. This one is shorter but goes bloody fast, it was fun!!

There was one “cheater” on line 3 who used their hands on their yellow line so she was picked to go first for this one. Little did any of us know, especially her, the platform you stand on before taking off is actually a kind trap door. A surprise for everyone, more for my friend though (she is a very good sport, love you!) as we all knew it was coming after that.

End of line four. Two of friends watching the rest coming over below me.

Partial view of “Wood Lake” from under the tower of line four.

This one and the next two are line four as well.

Part of the trail between line four and five.

One more part with the pics from lines five, six and seven so I’ll do my best to get the rest up real soon!!


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