UPDATES ~ ! & plans for the next couple months

What I am working on at this time and things that I have planned to do over the next couple months!

#2 Learn every song by every artist I own (cds & hard drive) and review/rate them. ~ I actually have a review that I have meant to write for a while now. That good ‘ol procrastinating has been in full effect as well as a battle for my time by too many things. Come August I should have, hopefully, a little more time on my hands.

#9 Learn a new word everyday, and it’s equal in Japanese &/or Korean, for a year. ~ I am going to start this on the first of August. And I am actually pretty excited about this, it combines two aspects of things that are already on my list and makes it a practical activity for my first language as well.

#13 Be able to do 50 push-ups. No knees! ~ I can do about 30 “girls” push-ups and 10-15 regular push-ups so I’ve got my work cut out for me. I’ve never been able to do more than 25 regular push-ups so with this goal I’ve doubled my best.

#15 Write music to all my songs and share with one person. ~ I haven’t been doing as much of this as I was. It comes down to the time issue again. I have my ever trustee notebook or phone with me though when something just clicks. A continuous, right now very slow, process.

#16 Make peace with my dad. ~ Not going to happen all at once but I am trying.

#55 Learn Korean ~ I am not studying this as seriously as Japanese at the moment but still taking the time to pick up new words and phrases. I just love how it sounds!

#58 Watch the sunrise and/or sunset for a week. Attempt to make it a daily habit. ~ I’ve actually had this one finished for a bit now and I’ve just kept forgetting that I haven’t posted it yet. I shall do that ASAP!

#63 Ride in a hot air balloon. ~ I found a place here that does these but it is pretty expensive so the when I get this done isn’t set in stone but sometime in the fall would be cool!

#70 Learn Japanese. ~ Always getting a little better and I the very best of pals with a whole bunch of flashcards!

#71 Collage my entire house, all walls, ceiling to floor. ~ This is underway again and did I ever miss it. I’ll need to post what I have already started and I’ll be posting updated pictures as I do more work on it.

#72 Write up my will. ~ It’s about time that I stopped putting this off. It’s important and I should get it done.

#82 Watch all my movies and dramas, from A to Z, and review/rate them. ~ I do less watching of movies and dramas in the summer cause the weather is so nice. Once it starts getting cold there’ll definitely be chilling on the couch.

#89 Learn how to shoot a gun and get my PAL. ~ I found out last week that the plan is do this at some point this summer or maybe fall. ‘Cept I didn’t actually know that until that moment 😛 It’ll be fun

#104 Read all my books and rate/review. ~ This is usually what I default to if I have free time and it is always ongoing. So much to read and so little time!

#113 No more swearing. ~ Still an issue when I get frustrated but for the most part in normal conversation I do a good job keeping my words PG.

#126 Ride on the zip line. ~ I GO ON MONDAY!!!!!!!!!! (July 30th in the AM) I am sooooooo excited 😀

#127 Keep journals for a year to give to my son. ~ Got half a year for him already. I’ve been a little less diligent for this past month so I think I’ll need to set aside sometime every evening to write my entry for that day.

#129 be able to do the splits in both directions. ~ Keeping up with the stretches. Slow and easy wins the race.

My next handful of days are going to be pretty busy but I’ll try to get some more posts up in the following week. Look forward to zip line pictures hopefully by the end of this week at the latest! **SMIRK**


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