Few List Revisions ~

Every now and then I sit and read through my hard copy of my bucketlist to refresh what all I have on there again in my mind. It’s also to see if everything I have on there is still an achievement I would like to personally have under my belt. I treat it the same way I do with any of my new tattoo ideas. I keep looking back on it over a period of time to make sure that it is something I still really want to do.

Upon reading through it this last time, at the beginning of last week, I decided to change a few things that I feel are slightly juvenile or are simply too easy to do. While they would definitely be fun and completely random, I am wanting a bit more of a challenge in regards to what is on my list.


#9 ~ Learn a new word everyday (and its equal in Japanese and/or Korean) for a year

#11 ~ Go white water rafting

#13 ~ Be able to do 50 push-ups. Regular, no knees!

#18 ~ See Hedley perform live

#23 ~ Learn to meditate

#40 ~ Travel to Scotland

#51 ~ Have a Star Wars movie marathon.

#52 ~ Travel to South Korea

#109 ~ Travel to New Zealand

I’ll be putting up a post in a day or so with updates on what I am working on now & what I am planning on starting within the next couple months!


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