Waterfront, Downtown, Knox Mountain AND … **smirk** 13 days!!!

A few weeks ago I was still wearing jeans because of all the rain and now it is staying solidly above twenty degrees Celsius everyday and up to over thirty. So as long as I have an access to a sprinkler, lake, pool, hose or cool shower I am content with the warmness. Sunshine makes me so happy and it is frightening away a good chunk of the mosquitos, which is also a plus as it’s absolutely lovely to get out for walks without being constantly attacked!

I got out to walk part of the Waterfront Boardwalk and a little bit of the downtown area at the beginning of last week with my man. I don’t walk that area very often and I want to get out to that again soon. There are a lot of interesting shops that I didn’t even know existed. And it’s a good way to work on one’s tan as well 😀

Also, last week on one of my days off we got out to do the easy trail on Knox Mountain so my son could do it with us. He did a pretty good job of that hike until about the halfway mark and then he decided that he didn’t want to go forward or back but through the grass, off the trail, to the cliff LOL This resulted in a difference in opinion between me and the little man and we had to head back to the truck. But I was able to get some photos of our trek up until that point and it was fun to be able to do that together. Next time I’m sure we’ll make through the whole thing!

Next time I’ll have to make this two posts and not just one. Sooo long! I blame it all on my terrible habit of procrastinating otherwise that’s how it would have been :S

OH! AND! Only have 13 days until I go on the Zipline, see my out-of-town friends, and I am SO bloody excited!! haha can’t wait!


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