today is an elusive title ~

For the last few weeks it has rained almost non-stop. We’d have the odd day where it would be really nice out but then it would pour for the next three or be nice for part of the day and then finish it with some more rain or vice versa. So with the joint winter run-off and ridiculous amounts of rain, all the creeks are really, really high. It’s strange cause a handful of years ago it was so dry here we had continually problems with forest fires. Seems mother nature will not give us a lovely little bit of balance.

I’ve never seen Mission Creek this high, it should hopefully not get any higher than this. Fingers-crossed for no more rain!

The bridge I was on when I took these was not fun at all. It’s like metal grating and every time a car drives over the bridge it makes the metal part wriggle around :S I am surprised that I stuck around on it long enough to take pictures.

And now for some miscellanea…

I was in Toys R Us when I came across this rather creepy Lego mom so I thought I would share the creepiness hahah It gave me a bit of a start when I came around the aisle, the stupid thing.
I guess it’s suppose to be neat for kids, it being Lego and all, but I did not get that sense at all.

I will end my moderately random post here and attempt to get some stuff on my ‘To Do’ list and hopefully get out for a bit to enjoy the sunshine with my little man and my camera!!


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