Movie Review ~ “Journey 2: The Mysterious Island”

It has been a very busy weekend so far, moving process happening for my guy and myself a little bit. So this is my first time on my computer since Saturday evening and I am dreading checking my email :S

I totally I forgot I had this sitting in my drafts so last step now complete!

Title: Journey 2: The Mysterious Island
Movie Rating ~ Length: PG ~ 94 min
Genre: Adventure, Action, Comedy
Main Cast: Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, Josh Hutcherson, Vanessa Hudgens, Michael Caine, Luis Guzman
Rating Out of Five: 2.5

Sean Anderson (Josh Hutcherson) and Hank, his stepdad (The Rock), pair up to try to find his missing grandfather (Michael Caine) who is thought to be missing on a mythical island.

I was looking forward to this movie as I had really enjoyed “Journey to the Center of the Earth” but it was very disappointing. My expectations were…crushed into tiny bits.

The script was terrible! Everything that is said was ridiculously simple, completely predictable and the storyline was really quick. Essentially they find the island coordinates, try to get to the coordinates but crash instead on the island, find grandpa and then get off the island before a huge catastrophe happens. I was expecting a more humourous and exciting storyline. The attempt was there but you could see that it is exactly that, an attempt. You couldn’t get attached to any of the characters cause nobody really seemed to be in their role. Except for maybe Michael Caine, who seemed like a fun, kooky, slightly irresponsible grandfather, which is exactly who he should have been. And while I do enjoy the ‘The Rock’, he does have a fun sense of humour (in my opinion), but he didn’t really seem to fit into this movie, not sure why exactly. I suppose that it didn’t help that he is more or less compared to Brendan Fraser from the previous movie, as he is playing the stepdad.

Now it’s not to say that the whole movie utterly sucked as it did have its moments. They were certainly some funny parts, like one that involves pec-flexing and berries, and a chase involving a very large, angry momma lizard.

The island itself and creatures were all really neat looking. The whole idea was that big animals are small and small animals are big on the island. So, an elephant would be the size of a puppy, which is pretty bloody cute, and bees are the size of a small car or a motorbike, which is a little terrifying.

The thing that I liked about this movie (and the previous one) is the idea that a fictional story could be very real and that no one believes that is because it hasn’t been proven. I think that is very, very cool and it has sparked an interest to read the books (by Jules Verne) not just for me but other readers as well.

At the end of this movie it is set up for a third one possibly but who knows if that will happen. If it does I really hope that it is better than this one.
This one is definitely only worth a watch through once, if that, so if the previews didn’t appeal to you even a little then I don’t recommend it at all. Although, I do think that it is more suited to younger-aged children. It is something they would likely enjoy, just not as captivating for the adults.

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