Book Review ~ “High School Debut”

Title: Koukou Debut (高校デビュー)
English Title: High School Debut
Author: Kazune Kawahara
Genre: Manga 13+ – Romantic Comedy/Drama
Volumes: 13 – Completed
Rating Out of Five: 4.5

The main character is Haruna Nagashima and she was solely focussed on softball and Shoujo manga throughout middle school. She has zero fashion sense, the wrong idea about love or any idea on how to interact with guys (thanks to magazines) and always over does it and says the wrong thing. Her biggest goal upon entering high school is to finally get a boyfriend!
After she constantly fails to get any guy to notice her from blindly following all the fashion advice from magazines, she decides she needs a coach to help with this dilemma. Bring in Yoh Komiyama, her upperclassman, who agrees to coach her with this but the only way he’ll do it is if she promises not to fall for him!

The wonderful awkwardness of Haruna Nagashima makes for a whole lot of funny situations and misunderstandings. She is very naïve and dense about all things do with relationships and believes that people always have the best intentions. All those little subtle hints that someone might pick up on in a certain situation will just zip right over her head, but she is very sweet and cares about her friends.

Even though she isn’t suppose to fall for her “coach”, Yoh Komiyama, she (of course) ends up doing so anyway. Such is the nature of this kind of storyline right?! So as the story progresses you see their relationship go from coach and trainee to boyfriend and girlfriend. And you also see how that relationship helps her with her other friendships throughout the story. She certainly doesn’t lose that naïve feeling but she does become more aware of how people interact with her and around her by the end of the series.

Not to terribly much that I can say about this series, other than that I quite enjoy it and I’ve read it through several times. It’s entertaining and cutesy, basically typical Shoujo manga.

The art looks pretty awesome, which is a big factor, for me, when reading a manga. It isn’t to simple or too messy, nice lines.
I would like to see a second series for the college years, I think that would be an interesting read as well.

If this is your kind of type of manga then it’s certainly worth a read through at least once.


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