Book Review ~ “Dark Heavens Trilogy”

Title: Book 1 – White Tiger, Book 2 – Red Phoenix, Book 3 – Blue Dragon
Author: Kylie Chan
Genre: Fantasy
Rating Out of Five: All three of them are 5!

Twitter: @kyliecchan

I am so not sure where to begin with this series, I don’t want to give a single thing away as it is so flippin’ cool and I don’t want to ruin any of it by giving away too much information.
As soon as I got only like two or three chapters into the first book (White Tiger) I was absolutely hooked! I took me about six hours to read the whole thing and I stayed up way to late and was so tired for work the next day

The whole story is centered around a woman named Emma Donahoe, who becomes the nanny for the little girl of a very wealthy Chinese business man, named John Chen Wu. As the story progresses you come to find that he, his daughter, his friends and his personal bodyguard are all a whole lot more than they seem to be. Everything is explained to her after it really can’t be put off anymore and she chooses to stay on as nanny to Simone, John Chen Wu’s daughter, and eventually become trained in the Arts (Kung Fu) by John himself. As she is trained she shows that there is much more to her than they thought at the beginning as she picks up most of the things she is taught extremely quickly.

If you have any interest in anything to do with Chinese Gods or Mythology, then you would likely love this series. Even the Monkey King makes a small appearance. Plus there is martial arts, and demons, and energy work, and shapeshifting (True Form).
Just so much cool stuff going in these books!!!

I have not been this excited about a Fantasy series in a very long time. The last one that I really enjoyed was a Forgotten Realms series, War of the Spider Queen, and I read that at least 4 or 5 years ago now. It is also not very common for me to like a Fantasy series that has a main female character, I find that they get really repetitive and they don’t really change or grow.
The main female character in this series, Emma, was bloody awesome! Right from the beginning I liked her, especially her attitude and how tough she is, and as the story goes on you find out more and more interesting stuff about her. She reminds me of me a little bit, I was completely able to relate to her. She is very caring to those she considers family but when she needs to handle the things that need to be done then she is completely cold-blooded and does what she needs to do. Doing your duty and carrying out your responsibilities does not need a set of emotions, they only cloud your judgement. She cares less for herself than the ones she cares for and would give her life for them no matter what.

Overall, I really enjoyed all the characters a lot but I am rather partial to John Chen Wu, Leo, Gold, Tiger (Bai Hu) and, of course, Emma. They all have funny sides to them and enjoy playing pranks on those around them every now and then.

There is a romantic relationship between John and Emma that grows with the story but it is not typical as they are unable to touch each other (for a certain reason so read the book!), and the fact that his time is temporary too. It’s a very large part of the story, especially towards the end of the trilogy, and yet it isn’t as well. The balance with this aspect of the story along with everything else is perfect, in my opinion.

One of the things I really liked about this series is that there isn’t so many characters that you lose track of them all as the story goes on. You have the same characters throughout the series but how much you see them in each book varies depending on their skills or what the situation is like at the time. And I love how much story there just is. The author has completely done her homework and she even has a bibliography at the back of her books.

There is a second trilogy being released this fall, Journey to Wudang, to continue the series and what looks like a third trilogy for after that according to her site. The author is based in Australia so the release of the rest of this series will likely take a lot longer for North America.
The third book, Blue Dragon, ends at a good point but it still REALLY sucks!! LOL
I didn’t even know about the second trilogy until after I finished the third book. When I got to the end I was so pissed cause I thought that was how it was going to end the story and I am so glad that, that isn’t the way it is.

While the books for the second trilogy aren’t released until Fall 2012 you can buy the e-book format from here, the Australian HarperCollins website, if you can’t wait like me!

It’s SSSSSSOOOOOOO Fantastic!!! Go Read It 😀


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