Yesterday Was a Double Shot of Adrenaline

As the post title says, I had a very ‘exciting’ afternoon yesterday.

My first dose ~~

While on my way to an appointment for my back piece tattoo I saw an accident (literally right in front of me) that involved a mother and her daughter on a bicycle and a vehicle. The bicycle had a green light and was proceeding through the intersection when a vehicle turning right from the opposite direction did not stop and hit them. I was the closest of three people and was there first to help the mother get her little girl out of the seat on the bike. By the time we got them to the sidewalk I was shaking so bad I accidentally hung up on the 911 operator (lol) so I had to call back. By the time I got through explaining what had happened to the operator I had calmed down almost completely at that point and was better able to assess the rest of the situation. This was the first time I have ever had to call 911 one before and, also, being at the scene of an accident and not being involved in it.

Thankfully the driver did not take off, as that happens a lot around here (people are jerks), she was very apologetic. Both the mom and the little girl will be alright. The mother wasn’t really hurt at all as the back-end of the bike came into contact with the left passenger door and then the pavement. The little girl was wearing a helmet and had a scraped up cheek and it looked like she’ll likely have a black eye, they went to the hospital to get checked out just to be sure.

Now Kelowna has some terrible drivers, it is one the top cities in Canada in this regard so I shouldn’t be shocked, but this really pissed me off! If the driver had been paying attention and had done a second shoulder check to the left then this wouldn’t have happened. Something so small and this could have been completely avoided. I am so very glad that no one was seriously injured.

I have now had 12 sittings for my back piece. The focus was nearly all on the tail feathers today, which SUCKED!!! It looks absolutely lovely and I am so glad that, that big chunk of it is finished up. My lower back is the most painful place on my body that I have had tattooed, I don’t like that spot at all. It is so wonderful to have most of that part all finished up now. By the time I stood up at the end of the sitting, I was shaking and my blood sounded like drums in my ears lol I love it!

Take a looksie 😀 ~~

I’ve got about a month and half before my artist moves so I’m going to try for one more sitting but I may not have time so fingers are crossed!!


3 thoughts on “Yesterday Was a Double Shot of Adrenaline

  1. Wow, looking great! Can’t believe how much of the addition I’ve missed. Looking forward to seeing it in person soon!


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