Book Review ~ “A Beautiful Evil”

Title: A Beautiful Evil
Author: Kelly Keaton
Genre: Teen
Rating Out of Five: 5

Her Website:
Twitter: @KellyKeaton

I was finally able to sit down and read this book last week. I got it right around its release date in February but I had all these other books lined up to read first.

So first things first, I loved it!! And I’m so glad that it seems that there will be a third book in this series from what I see from her twitter account (though no release date or other news yet). When I emailed the author (Kelly Keaton) in February about plans for a third book, then, there wasn’t any plans for another book in the series. So I’m pretty stoked that there will be more story!

The story basically picks up where it left off in the first book. Ari is now attending the Presby school in New 2, getting training lessons from one of the Novem heads (Bran) and has access to the Novem library.
She is very focussed on what she needs to do but fear of her power and what she is capable of doing keeps her from being much of an opponent to Athena. She’s stuck between wanting to be normal and needing to accept what she is and her powers to have a fighting chance to save herself and the people she cares about.

For about the first half of the book she is trying to find and gain entry to Athena’s realm to get her on the defensive instead of waiting to see what she will do next. While they do find it, it doesn’t really go as they had intended it to.

As I immensely love the Gorgon storyline, I’m really glad that the relationship between Ari and Sebastien isn’t too much of a focus. I think that they are both rather mature about it instead of being super emotional about everything. I dislike drama-filled relationships. That said, I really like Sebastien! He is one of my favourite characters in this story, he has just the right amount of attitude for my liking.

I think I have probably said this before but there isn’t much Teen Fiction that I actually enjoy. This is because so many of them are riddled with emo-ness and lots of silly boy drama. This series isn’t!! 😀 (Thank you so much for that! Really!!)

I got really into this book, just like the first one, it ended up only taking me a few hours to read it all. When a book gets me so engaged in it that I get annoyed or frustrated with the characters (ie: Me, yelling “no, that’s stupid!” or “Argh! don’t do that!”) then it is pretty decent book.
I’m glad it had a happy ending and that the emphasis on needing to lift curse before she is twenty-one was focal at the end of this book. You kind of forget about it as the story progresses because of everything else going on and what she needs to do in certain moments throughout the story.

I completely enjoyed this book and I absolutely recommend it!!!


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