Book Review ~ “Tough Sh*t”

Title: Tough Sh*t
Author: Kevin Smith
Genre:/span> Filmography (Officially but I think it’s more Biography or even Humour)
Rating Out of Five: 5

I really enjoyed this book and yet I feel a bit at a loss about how to describe it.

He writes about his career as a filmmaker, doing what you love & loving what you do, about his relationships with family & friends, stepping down from filmmaking & his podcasts. And all of that is really only a portion of what was in the book.

I think that Kevin Smith is one funny dude so, for me, there was lots of good, chuckle bits throughout this book. It was a serious discussion of life direction, passions and no regrets, combined with a vulgar and very humourous aspect as well. It was kind of like, don’t take yourself and others too seriously but don’t be afraid of taking chances because of fear and what others may say or think of you.

I really, really, really like how he describes things, people and situations. Just absolutely loaded with humour, ridiculousness (Yes, I know I made that word up) & vulgarity. He can load up whatever he wants to say with all of that and still come across respectful to the people around him. Not to mention all the wonderful Star Wars and Batman references in some of those said descriptions. I adore people who can say what they think and do it in a way that is funny and kind of like you have been brain-ninjaed, that is the best thing ever.

He seems like an extremely level-headed, logical guy who has an awesome sense of humour!
He doesn’t care what people think about him and I would never want to get into an argument with this man as I’m sure he would utterly school me. Halfway through I would likely forget what was the reason I was arguing about and lapse into silence to try to figure out what was going on lol

My tattoo artist introduced me to his podcasts (which are bloody hilarious!) on one of my last back piece sittings. I knew of his podcasts but that was really all there was to it until that point. Now that I am in the happy world of Apple and become completely hooked on them. But, I digress a little so just go subscribe on iTunes, you won’t be disappointed.

Oh and this book was stupendous, I absolutely recommend it!!!


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