First “Kasugai Gardens” Visit of the Season

The weather has been absolutely gorgeous out since this yesterday. It’s finally starting to feel like the proper Okanagan weather for this time of year, was out in a tank top and shorts all day long today ūüėÄ
Today would have normally have been a work day for me but circumstances turned it into a day off and coincidentally my son is with his father until tomorrow evening so I had a very rare day all to myself.
So I spent the morning in Penticton, hitting up the best used book store in the area (never been in such a big and extremely well organized second-hand bookstore) and running a few errands when I got back into Kelowna in the afternoon.

As it was such a beautiful day out I figured a walk was in order and ended up downtown and even had my camera with me too so it worked out perfectly.
For the longest time I never knew about Kasugai Gardens, and even after I did, I still didn’t get around to seeing it until I had lived here for several years. Now, for the past couple years, I make an effort to go at least once when it opens for the spring and summer.
It is an enclosed Japanese styled garden located right down town, right besides City Hall, and it was completed in 1987 to symbolize the friendship between Kelowna and Kasugai, Japan, which are sister cities since 1981.

In all the times I have come here in the past few years I have never met¬†such a nice and informative security guard. He was so friendly and he knew so much about the garden! I was so impressed!!! He was engaging with the visitors but wasn’t pushy and he doesn’t even have to do that. He pointed out a bush that grows in the shape of a dragon, once you see it you can notice from anywhere in the garden. As soon as he showed me it I was able to see what he meant. Very, very neat! (It’s the yellow bush in the above picture.)

When I got to this point along the path one the maintenance guys for the garden turned on the sprinkler system, which surprised me (as I was right in the middle of a bunch of them), but I was able to get some cool pictures because of that. Which is what I told the guy as he was trying to apologize to me about it. It became a fun opportunity and not an irritant.

Another thing that the security guard pointed out to me is that there is one koi that is only black and silver and has a tail in the shape of a butterfly. That one is the only one that keeps to itself. Unfortunately I didn’t get a chance to see that guy today and we did spend a little time looking for him from the bridge. There is always next time!

I can’t wait until everything starts to get greener and bloom. It will be even more beautiful than it is now.

I hope that I get a chance to chat with the same security guard when I do go again. One of the funniest things about this trip was that the guard thought that I might be from Australia¬†(I am definitely not, I do want to go there though). My family is all french!! Apparently today was a day that my french accent was a little more noticeable as majority of people don’t even notice it at all if I haven’t been around any of the french relatives (which I haven’t been).

Only thing left to say is that this was by far the most interesting time I have ever had at Kasugai Gardens. And it really was an absolutely wonderful day off too!!!


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