Book Review ~ “Sisterhood of Dune”

Title: Sisterhood of Dune
Author: Brian Herbert and Kevin J Anderson
Genre: Sci-Fi
Rating Out of Five: 3.5

I waited a very long time for this book, I was so excited for its release this past January and I bought it as soon as the strict on sale date hit. Unfortunately I ended up being disappointed, not because I didn’t like the story but because it is the first in another prequel trilogy. They were writing the storyline for in between each of Frank Herbert’s original Dune books (in-between-quels ?) and I was expecting a different story that I was really, really wanting to read about. So in this aspect I was very disappointed.
I’ve seen a lot of bad reviews for this book and a lot of negativity in regards to another prequel trilogy, this will be a third by this duo. I think the biggest thing to remember about all the other Dune books is that they (Brian Herbert & Kevin J Anderson) aren’t Frank Herbert and, therefore, they won’t write like him but that doesn’t make the writing bad it makes it different.

The series of events in this trilogy takes place 80 years after the fall of the Thinking Machines and the Corrino family line is the head of the family line, Harkonnen is in disgrace and the ancestor of Atredies is in hiding and considered the saviour of the war against the Thinking Machines.
The basis of this new prequel trilogy is the history and founding storyline of all three of the main schools within the new Imperium. The Bene Gesserit School, the Swordmaster School, & the Mentat School. I would expect that it will set up at the end of the third book to go right into Frank Herbert’s original Dune series. At least, that is what makes sense to me.

The thing I disliked about this book was that there was SO many characters on SO many different planets. Each chapter was another character so you constantly had to change your direction in the storyline it felt like. You’d be reading a chapter located on the planet of Rossak from the point of view of Reverend Mother Raquella and then you’d be the Emperor at the palace on Corrin. While everything is connected and you see that eventually it made it difficult for the story to get that “I couldn’t put it down” flow as it jumped around so much from person to person and place to place.

I really like the idea for the story, I am curious how all the schools came to be as they are very focal throughout the entire Dune storyline. But I think that each book in this trilogy should have represented each school individually with story around it and not trying to jam so much information, events and characters into this one book.

It was a decent read, especially if you’re a fan of this series, and I’m interested to see how the story continues in the second book.
There is no set release date for the second book in this series yet but I really hope that I don’t have to wait three years again just to continue the story.


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