Music Review ~ “BIGBANG”

Artist: BIGBANG (빅뱅) ~ Members: G-DRAGON (Kwon Ji Yong), T.O.P (Choi Seung Hyun), TAEYANG/SOL (Dong Young Bae), D-LITE (Kang Daesung) & V.I./Seungri (Lee Seung Hyun)
Albums: Big Bang Vol. 1 (2006), Always (2007), Hot Issue (2007), For The World (2008), With U (2008), Stand Up (2008), Number 1 (2008), Remember (2008), Big Bang (2009), Big Bang 2 (2011), Tonight (2011), ALIVE (2012) [I didn’t include all the single and live albums as the songs are all on other said released albums]
Genre: Hip Hop/Pop/Dance
Years Active: 2006 – Present
Rating Out of Five: 5

I suppose first things first my korean is terrible! I know VERY little aside from simple greetings, yes and no, and I love you.
That being said you really don’t need to understand the words in their music to enjoy it! Their newest mini-album that was released at the end of February (internationally) and again close to the end of March (in Japan), is awesome!!
I like all the songs, it’s very obvious that they put a lot of work into making this album so that it would be the best that it could be. (Bravo guys **applause** :D)

While I really like all these new songs on the new album, all their other stuff that they have released over the last handful of years are really good as well.
I have a very good time dancing and singing (what parts I do know), early in the morning at work. My co-workers do get a good chuckle out of that on occasion, they all know when I am listening to “Lollipop Pt. 2” (lol) That is such a fun song!
Apart from this newest album, ALIVE, I really like Tonight and Big Bang 2, I enjoy all the songs on both those albums as well.

BIGBANG is easily my favourite Korean group, although I am very partial to most of the YG Entertainment talent (2NE1, Tablo, Se7en) too.
I am a little picky about my Asian music groups as so many sound and look the same, which is not appealing to me. I like to see and/or hear something that sets them apart from the mold of so many other groups both guys, girls and solo artists. One of the biggest things I like about BIGBANG is that they have more of a mainstream sound and they don’t all wear the exact same outfit but in different colours (I am not a fan of that..) or even the same fashion style either. These are the biggest reasons I didn’t classify them as Kpop as I don’t think they have the same sound, feel or image as many of these other groups do. Aside from most of their lyrics being in Korean, or in Japanese, that is the only thing that, in my opinion, would even classify them as Kpop.

All the members also do work on their own solo albums in-between group activities (interviews/performances, etc) and I like most of their solo work as well.
One thing I do want to mention is that even though I don’t really understand the Korean language as of yet, I think that G-Dragon (Kwon Ji Yong) is a spectacular songwriter. While all the members help put together new songs and there are others that help with the producing of the new stuff, he still has an amazing ability to put together lyrics.

Now go have a listen!! You can get much of their music at the iTunes store!!!


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