Book Review ~ “Hilarity Ensues”

Title: Hilarity Ensues
Author: Tucker Max
Genre: Humour
Rating Out of Five: 4

There is not much I can say about the book itself without spoiling all the stories in it so this will be a fairly quick review.

I got through this book pretty quickly once I started it but I didn’t find it as humourous as his second book was personally. That one had me in hysterics with tears running down my face for almost the entire book it was that hilarious. This one wasn’t quite up to par with it but it wasn’t disappointing either.
There was definitely a lot of funny stuff in this one too but you could kind of tell that he was wrapping up with this book for this particular writing style. The Deadliest Catch story was quite entertaining and the rest of the Miss Vermont story was awesome too. But I think that the part I may have laughed the most at was him telling the stories about his friend Hate, they were very amusing.

When I first read through and finished his first book (I Hope They Serve Beer in Hell) I was slightly infuriated that such a person existed, which I am sure is how many people felt after reading it. But I think that, that feeling stems more from feelings of guilt at laughing at such crazy and raunchy stories about real people than anything else. As I started reading the second one I realized that, yes, he is an asshole (he freely admits that) but he never forces anyone to do anything they don’t want to do. And let’s face it, he isn’t the only guy out there who is like this he just happens to be in the spotlight and is willing to share it with everyone.

I absolutely do recommend the books as they are very good, especially the second one in my opinion, but they are definitely not meant for children, strictly adult humour. Everything is described with quite a bit of detail about, well, everything and there is a lot of swearing too. So if raunchy, candid humour is your cup of tea then check them out!

On a side note ~ From what I understand he is working on another book with a friend of his who writes as well but it won’t be the same as the ones he has already written. I am looking forward to it!!


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