KDrama Review ~ “The 1st Shop of Coffee Prince”

Title: 커피프린스 1호점 / The 1st Shop of Coffee Prince
Alternate Titles: Coffee Prince
Main Cast: Actresses – Yoon Eun Hye, Chae Jung Ahn, Kim Young Ok, Han Yeh In; Actors – Gong Yoo, Lee Sun Gyun, Kim Jae Wook, Kim Dong Wook, Lee Un, Kim Chang Wan
Genre: KDrama – Comedy, Romance
Episodes: 17
Rating Out of Five: 4.5

The main character is a girl named Go Eun Chan, who works several jobs to help her family make ends meet as her father passed away some years before. At first glance almost everyone mistakes her for a boy, which to begin with doesn’t really bother her but as the show progresses it starts to matter more and more to her. At the beginning of the show she is mistaken for a boy by this rich guy, Choi Hang Kyul, who thinks she staged a botched purse snatching of a lady friend of his to get money for scooter repairs. He ends up hiring her, thinking she is a boy, to be his gay lover to get out of possible arranged marriages and she goes along with it as she needs the money. When Han Kyul gets given the task of revitalizing a coffee shop that is completely derelict and, essentially out of business, he hires her again (still thinks she is a boy) to work in the coffee shop that will be run only by men, hence Coffee Prince.

As the story progresses, she slowly comes to care about her Manager more and more and is in a place where she can’t really do anything about it without revealing her gender and losing her job while making him extremely angry she lied to him. The whole situation sucks and the moral of the story is to just not lie to begin with right?!! That would have made it so much simpler but then there’d be no story Lol
Obviously her co-workers slowly find out that she is a girl and they do a pretty good job of keeping her secret for the most part. Although it is quite funny to watch when they botch it up and try to cover their tracks.

The story from start to finish is pretty hilarious. Her character alone is pretty funny and slightly quirky. Han Kyul is a very flirty man and has a do what I like when I want to kind of attitude, but that slowly changes as the story continues on. I think that Han Kyul’s character grows the most out of all of them.
All the princes (Kim Jae Wok, Kim Dong Wook, Lee Un) are sooo funny! Lee Un’s (who is sadly deceased 😦 RIP) character, Hwang Min Yeop, is not too bright and that causes some very entertaining situations. No Sun Ki (Kim Jae Wook) is very tolerant of pretty much everyone and keeps to himself. You don’t learn more about him until a little later in the show. And Jin Ha Rim (Kim Dong Wook), the first prince you meet, aside from Go Eun Chan, is by far the funniest of them all. He just says whatever he wants, when he wants. His “My Chan!” always made me laugh. If you watch it you’ll see why that is the case! *chuckles*

Extremely fun and entertaining show, I burned though the episodes very, very quickly. Most definitely worth a watch!


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