Book Review ~ “The Hunger Games Series”

Title: #1 – The Hunger Games, #2 – Catching Fire, #3 – Mockingjay
Author: Suzanne Collins
Genre: Teen
Rating Out of Five: 4

I would have read this series much faster but I was distracted on more than one occasion by a korean drama I was watching at the same time and I was sick last week with the flu too.
And anyway on with my purpose here.

(1) The Hunger Games – I liked the first book the most, the first usually is the best, but I was not a fan of the ending. Cliffhanger endings are good an all but it was so dreary and hopeless! I would have been perfectly fine with some deluded, fake happiness to finish it up with, even if only for a short while.
So far I really like Katniss. To me, she seems very serious, responsible, strong and brave. A take no-nonsense kind of girl, my favourite kind.
I liked that the games in the arena dominated the story line in this book because it was so entertaining to read. You don’t know who’s tricking who and who’s your ally until the character does themselves. It definitely keeps you reading that is for sure.

(2) Catching Fire – I didn’t like the second book much at all, but I can see why it required for the storyline. It’s essentially the realization that no matter what they (Katniss & Peeta) do, the mess just gets worse and worse with every little that happens. There is basically zero happiness in this book but, again, kind of necessary.
I will say that I really like the character Finnick, he makes me chuckle almost every time he opened his mouth. The other thing I really liked from this book was the arena for the Quarter Quell it was quite cool. It would have been a better book in my opinion if they were actively in the arena for the games longer as this part was the smallest part of the story but the most interesting.
Another cliffhanger ending with this book as well.

(3) Mockingjay – I liked the third book a lot more than the second one but the story seemed a bit rushed. The fact that the story seemed rush probably is contributing to me thinking that there was an excessive amount of deaths in this book. They were dropping like flies! (lol) Although I do like an author that isn’t afraid to kill off characters. It’s worse if you don’t do any deaths within a series, I think.
I’m not completely satisfied with the ending to the story, it was good enough I suppose but I would like to know more. About the so-called trial at the end for her, how the districts are being rebuilt, where each of the main characters are and what they are doing, stuff like that. It gives a short summary of everything but no real details, which is something that I like.
For me, it would have been better to have a fourth book so that this last book wasn’t so fast-paced because of a necessity for it to be finished.

I like characters with attitude and ones that don’t always do what they are told to do, it shows they are able to think for themselves. (ie: Cinna, Finnick, Johanna, Haymitch are all some of my favourites in this series)

I liked how Katniss wasn’t a horribly dramatic, angsty teenage girl about Gale and Peeta. Her ultimate goal is always survival and to do what is best to protect her mother and sister. She cares more for others than she does herself in many situations which is certainly admirable. To her, throughout the series, boy problems are the least of her concerns.

I always liked Peeta over Gale. Peeta seems like someone who would be very easy to talk with regardless of whether you have any similar interests or not and he would care what you have to say. Yes, sometimes he seemed excessively nice but he also has a very fun, sarcastic sense of humour that I think balances that out. He is thoughtful and dependable and always does what he thinks to be right.

Hmmm Gale….he seemed more like a sort of habit or routine for Katniss than anything else. I could never picture the two of them together at all. I didn’t really get any kind of impression from him until later in the series. He seems very cold and aloft in many of the interactions that I read. Even his ‘declaration’ of love for her (Katniss) is all “meh”. By the end of the series he has fallen completely into my “I don’t like you” column of characters. His actions and choices, especially through the third book, cause me to see him in a much darker light and it slowly becomes clear that he is lacking in compassion for people in general.

Overall, I really did enjoy the series even though the undertone is completely depressing almost the entire time. That was really my biggest complaint about the storyline but a friend pointed out to me that there isn’t really anyway for it to be any other way and be as good of a story as it is. And…I completely agree with that after thinking about it. The fact that it isn’t happy is one of the things that make it a good series.
I’m very glad that I finally got around to reading it, it’s a good teen series, definitely recommend it. (And seriously not just for teens either)

I’m even more excited to see the movie now!


3 thoughts on “Book Review ~ “The Hunger Games Series”

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  2. I am skipping this trilogy, much as I skipped the whole Twilight and Harry Potter thing – it just didn’t catch me, so I didn’t try again. The whole dystopian genre that is getting so popular, as with the Hunger Games, is leaving me cold. But I love to recommend to it people because as a series of books, it has gotten a lot of people reading!


  3. I don’t blame you for skipping this series and Twilight (that is a truly awful series) but Harry Potter surprises me a bit.
    All these series are done now so I am little curious as to what the next all hyped series is going to be lol


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