My Hurt So Goods !

**UPDATE: My back piece is finished now and can be seen here —> **

I just had another tattoo sitting for my back piece yesterday!! I am so happy to finally have more work done on it, it has been way too long since I last did.

This is all the work done up until now, after my 10th sitting:

(Done by Ryan Cardinal)

After my 9th sitting
(Done by Ryan Cardinal)

“friendship” me and my friend of over twenty years got this one although in different places and mine isn’t finished yet. I have additions that I want to do that make it more of a representation of her, but not a hundred percent certain what yet. Either way it will be the girliest tattoo I probably end up having 😛
(Done by Ryan Cardinal)

ROCKSTAR and a heart puzzle. Got this one three months after having my son.
(Done by Ryan Cardinal)

Left inside wrist, the tribal design means “indestructible spirit”. Me and another friend both have this and we’re planning to add more to it eventually, though it won’t likely be the same stuff 🙂

This was a piece that I had intended to finish but have changed my mind about finishing it and will be covering it up but not a hundred percent decided on what that will be yet. I would kind of like a traditional style tattoo so that may be what I do there.

The cutest tattoo that I have heh heh
My mom called me monkey when I was little so that is the reason for this one.

I drew this piece while I was in the hospital for a short while about ten years ago now. Music is an incredibly huge part of my life!

Fist gripping a bass guitar neck and flames coming from that. This one will probably end up being covered when I do my sleeve on this arm. I still play bass guitar but the tattoo isn’t terribly meaningful for me anymore. My sleeve will be images that represent my younger siblings.

Kanji for “strong”, this is what my name means. This one is still one of my favourites and I don’t ever plan on covering it up!

Crown of thorns with “Christ” in greek in the center. The artist didn’t do a very good job on it, it is the only tattoo that has healed slightly raised in parts. I got this for finishing high school, it was what my mom thought was my ‘first’ tattoo…. Not my best moment in life that’s for sure but it’s now partially covered up by my back piece at my request.

Not much meaning in this piece other than I was eighteen and I could get a tattoo even though my parents said I wasn’t allowed. I kept this a secret a long time. I plan on doing a cover up for this one too and it will likely be the big Star Wars piece I have planned 😀


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