Music Review ~ “Adele”

Artist: Adele
Albums: 19, 21
Genre: Soul, Blues
Years Active: 2006 – Present
Rating Out of Five: 4.5

When I first heard “Rolling in the Deep” (it was also the first song I had ever heard from her) off her second studio album I promptly decided that I did not like her. But thanks to many, many places over playing the song like, well most places do, it actually started to grow on me. Because of that it resulted in me obtaining her newest album and now I completely adore her.
While her second album is the one I tend to listen to most of the time, her first album is good as well. She has one of the most beautiful voices I have ever heard and she sings in my favourite keys as well.
Although many of her songs are quite sad it is still crystal clear that this woman has an incredible talent for songwriting. I am quite simply extremely impressed with her talent and I am looking forward to her next album when ever that will be.

Also, Congratulations to her on 6 Grammys this year, winning all of her nominations! Just wonderful! I’m so glad that people are not completely immersed in the auto-tuned world of pop music that is so prevalent now in all the mainstream stuff.

* On a quick side note, if you haven’t seen her live performance at Royal Albert Hall (out on DVD) you definitely should as it was fantastic!


One thought on “Music Review ~ “Adele”

  1. I heard Rolling in the Deep, by a woman named Sarah Wilkens, at my church before I heard it by Adele and as a result, I really like the song, but I have to admit that I like it better by Sarah who should be recording. But I LOVE Adele’s music!


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